Weekend Drones: Drone Surfing

October 12, 2016  By Harry McNabb

Sponsored by JobforDrones, your global drone network. You work all week -maybe with Drones and maybe not, -but when the weekend comes you and your Drone want to go out to play.

DRONELIFE recently wrote about the”high flying”  (sorry) sport of Drone Surfing, and Free Fly invents Drone Surfing recently reported on this.   The idea is that you take a fairly big drone -in this case an Alta 8 which is a commercial drone -tether it to a surf board, say a prayer to your god of choice, and go for it.

While we’re  not sure that the sport is quite ready for prime time, it looks like fun. With the commercial drone pricing out at almost 18K it might be more than your normal weekend warrior wants to spend but you can imagine that this will only get better, less expensive and more fun as drones advance.

This brings the Drone selfie to a new level where is a form of tethered follow-me drone except that you are following it.

Can Drones pulling water skiers be far behind? How about a drone pulling in a small boat which has lost its way in a large body of water. But I digress.

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